Plast Trade company manufactures products for furniture enterprises, construction companies (B2B) and manufactures finished furniture for individuals (B2C) and government organizations (B2G).

  B2B. For furniture manufacturers and construction companies, we produce

1.     Ready-made sheets / panels ( with HPL* plastic) are used for construction projects such as:

     Wall panels;

     Partitions in toilet cubicles;

     Windowsills .


2.     Ready-made sheets / panels ( with HPL* plastic) are used in the manufacture of furniture:

     Children's furniture;

●        HoReCa (hotel, restaurant, cafe);

●        Kitchen furniture.

Also, for B2B, our company produces sheets / panels with HPL* plastic on any sheet material (MDF, particleboard, magnesite plate, fibreboard, HDF, plywood, etc.).

  * Product (panel / sheet) made of plywood with HPL plastic, its technical parameters: Dimensions of plywood sheets (2470x1220), (1500x1280), (3000x1280). Plywood thickness from 3x to 30 mm. Plywood can be of different quality, waterproof or moisture resistant, fireproof, etc. In production we use plywood of coniferous trees or birch. HPL plastic manufactured by Abet laminati, 0.6-0.9 mm thick.

B2C. For buyers of finished furniture we produce

     Plywood products for HoReCa, children's toys, souvenirs , stands, tablets, decor items, boxes, boards, etc. Furniture for HoReCa. Most often, we use plywood and metal to make furniture in the loft style.

     Children's furniture made of plywood or plywood with HPL plastic.

     Smart Tables - loft style tables with built-in connectors for electronic equipment. Tables can be of different configurations and dimensions. The project was implemented in the conference hall of the Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology.

     Smart Mirrors (Melight - Now let melight you!). There are variations of different lighting and dimension and also there are two types of products, that can be integrated into the floor or mounted into the wall. The frame can be made of different materials, as well as fabrics.

  B2G. For bidders of public tenders

Plast Trade takes part in government bidding and manufactures quality furniture at affordable and competitive prices. Our areas of bidding:

     Furnishing large projects with various products;

     School furniture;

     Office furniture.

PlastTrade company founded in 2010 as the “Family company”. 

Our company has a permanent staff of 20 employees. We have been experiencing cooperation with variety of different partners to implement complicated projects together. Our main goal is prosperity and joint earnings with our partners. The main goal of our customers is the emotions that we create.

Projects that we are proud of!

“Donbass Arena”, “Metalist Stadium”, “Arena Lviv”. We produced tables for journalists of metal frame and plastic HPL (Resopal). The design of the tables included tunnels for wires, cutouts for monitors and partitions for the press.

Our company has experience in cooperation with foreign companies. Together with the Czech company STORY DESIGN, we implemented their projects for the reconstruction of the McDonald's fast-food restaurant chain. Our work on this project was to supply wall panels and manufacture countertops and other elements from the same material. One of the projects was implemented in Kharkov in the French Boulevard shopping center.

We have been working and embodying the wishes of the Gastro chain of caffeines and restaurants for more than 5 years. We were able to realize all the ideas of the designers of these projects. Our team has produced tables, cabinets, bars, window sills, wall panels. We were the first to implement the concept of an integrated children's room made entirely of plywood and plastic. And many other objects.

To fulfill orders and create real emotions, we use equipment from world manufacturers. We use German, French, Turkish equipment.


A new direction in the company’s activity is the creation of  game rooms made of eco-materials: for kindergartens, restaurants, cafes, shopping centers.

Our address: 61009 Ukraine, Kharkov, Dostoevsky, 16

mob. tel .: +380992497809; E-mail: